Can I use Stripe in my country?

Ready to accept card payments, Apple Pay, or Google Pay? Just add Stripe as a payment method. If you’ve not got a Stripe account it only takes a few minutes to set one up.

Creators in over 40 countries can use Stripe to accept payments from all around the world. Check if your country is on Stripe’s list.


My country isn’t on the list!

If Stripe isn't in your country yet, you can still use PayPal to accept payments. See where PayPal works here.

Right now, Stripe and PayPal are our only payment options. But if there's another payment method you want to see on Ko-fi, we’d love to hear! Just drop us a feature request.


🔍 Curious about how Stripe works on Ko-fi? Learn more here!


If you run into any trouble while setting up your Stripe account or have questions, you can submit a support ticket to Stripe here.


We're here if you need us. Feel free to send any questions our way. 💌



What fees does Stripe charge?

Stripe charges their regular transaction fees, which can vary depending on your account type, location, and the currencies used. Generally, it's around 3% + $0.30.

For more info on Stripe’s fees, check out their page here.

How do I connect my Stripe account?

Connecting your Stripe account is easy! To find out how to link your Stripe account and start accepting payments, check out our help article here.

What are Stripe’s payout wait times?

When you receive a payment through Ko-fi, the money goes directly to your Stripe account.

Stripe's payout times may vary, usually within 7-14 days after the first successful payment. You can manage your payout schedule in your Stripe Dashboard.

For additional details on payouts, take a look at Stripe's article here.

How does Stripe handle currency conversion?

Stripe will automatically convert payments to your set currency. More info on currency can be found here.