Offer Apple Pay to your supporters

Apple Pay allows supporters to make quick, convenient, and secure payments on their Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This means fewer clicks, easier payments, and more viewers converting to supporters!

You can let supporters use Apple Pay for one-time donations, Commissions, and Shop orders. To get started, all you need is a Stripe account connected to Ko-fi to begin accepting Apple Pay.


Setting up Apple Pay

To offer Apple Pay as a payment option, simply head to Payment Settings and connect to Stripe (you can create a Stripe account from here). Need help setting up Stripe? Check out our help article here.

Once youโ€™ve connected a Stripe account, Apple Pay will automatically appear as a payment option to all supporters using Safari on an Apple device.



Apple Pay is exclusively available for one-time donations, commissions, and shop orders. It cannot be used for monthly donations or memberships.


Do I need an Apple Pay account to accept payments?

In short, no! Since payments are processed through Stripe, all funds will appear in your Stripe account, just like any other payment through Stripe. Having an Apple Pay account is not needed to accept payments through Apple Pay.

If you donโ€™t have a Stripe account, you can simply go to your Payment Settings and follow the steps to create your Stripe account.

More info on Stripe can be found here. You can also check if Stripe is available in your location here.


My supporters donโ€™t see the option to use Apple Pay

Make sure you have a Stripe account connected to your Ko-fi profile to accept Apple Pay. The Apple Pay option pops up when supporters use Safari on an Apple device, such as a Mac, iPhone, or iPad. They will also need a saved payment card stored in their Apple Wallet.

Remember, Apple Pay is not currently available for monthly donations or memberships.


For more info on Stripe and Apple Pay, check out our help article here.


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