Does Ko-fi have an API or webhook?

In short, yes! Ko-fi has an API that allows you to send payment information using a webhook. You can set it up and view what information is sent on our Webhooks page.


How does it work?

Webhooks are automated messages sent when something happens on a platform. On Ko-fi, webhooks are sent when a payment happens.

Here's how it works:

  1. Payment received: First, a payment event takes place on the platform. It could be something like a supporter making a donation to your Ko-fi page or a new member joining your community.
  2. Webhook setup: You, as a creator, set up a webhook in advance. You tell Ko-fi where to send notifications when certain events occur. You provide a specific URL where your webhook should deliver messages.
  3. Instant notification: When a payment event happens (e.g., a new donation), Ko-fi immediately sends a message to the URL you specified. This message contains all the important details about the event, like who donated and how much.
  4. Your action: You can program your systems or applications to automatically take specific actions based on the information received from the webhook. For example, you can record shop order information in a spreadsheet or update your website to reflect a new donation.
  5. Real-time benefits: Webhooks provide real-time payment notifications so you don't have to constantly check them. The webhook delivers the news to you as soon as it happens. This helps you stay connected with your audience and take timely actions.

A webhook is like a digital helper that keeps you updated and automates tasks, making your Ko-fi experience smoother.


How can I use a webhook?

You can use Ko-fi webhooks in various creative ways to enhance your Ko-fi experience and engage with your supporters more effectively. Here are some ways to make the most of Ko-fi webhooks:

  1. Real-time notifications: Receive instant notifications about new donations, memberships, and other payments on your Ko-fi page, allowing you to thank supporters promptly.
  2. Content delivery: Automate the delivery of digital content to supporters as soon as they make a donation or become a member.
  3. E-Commerce tool: Manage your Ko-fi Shop effectively by receiving notifications of new orders, updating spreadsheets, and tracking sales using webhooks.
  4. Email list growth: Add new supporters to your email marketing list automatically, helping you expand your reach and keep supporters informed about your latest work.


Managing your webhook

To begin, head over to your webhooks page and specify the URL where Ko-fi should send the webhook.


When a payment is made, Ko-fi will send an HTTP POST request containing all the payment data.

Here's an example of the data you'll receive for a single donation:

example-webhook 1.png


On the webhooks page, you can send test payments to see the data sent when a payment is completed.

For testing example payments, you could try


Connecting with Zapier

Instead of setting up a webhook yourself, you can use Zapier. With Zapier, you can automate tasks, connect Ko-fi to your favorite tools, and accomplish more without breaking a sweat.

For more information about connecting Ko-fi to other apps via Zapier, check out our help article here.


Granting roles with Discord

To grant and manage roles with Discord, we recommend using our official Ko-fi Bot rather than using a webhook. More information about setting this up can be found here.


My webhook won’t send

Your listener should return a status code of 200. If we don't receive this status code, we'll retry a reasonable number of times with the same message_id.

You can test to see if webhooks are sending correctly by using If you’re able to receive requests to this site, there may be an issue with your application’s ability to receive webhooks.

Still having trouble? Get in touch here and we’ll help out as best we can.


Can I use webhooks for something other than payments?

Our API is currently limited to when a payment is made. For instance, a webhook can notify you when you receive a membership payment but cannot inform you if the membership has ended. We’ll be adding more scope to the webhook functionality as soon as we can.

If there’s a function you’d like added to the API, you can send us a feature request.


We're here if you need us. Feel free to send a request our way. 💌