Setting up Discord rewards with Ko-fi

Connect your Discord server to Ko-fi to grant your supporters and members exclusive roles and invites.



Setting up Discord roles

1. Connect Discord to Ko-fi

  1. Head over to your Discord Settings and hit "Connect Discord Server". Once you're logged in to Discord, choose the server you wish to link and click "Continue".


  2. Next, grant Ko-fi the necessary permissions to Manage Roles and Create Invites. Simply keep these options selected and hit "Authorize".

    discord authorise.png

  3. Voilà 🎉 Your Discord server is now connected to Ko-fi.


You can disconnect Discord from Ko-fi anytime by clicking the "Connected" button. However, doing so will prevent Ko-fi bot from managing roles.


2. Make Ko-fi bot the top role

You’ll need to make sure that Ko-fi bot is at the top of your Roles list (Server Settings > Roles). Keep Ko-fi bot at the top of the roles list to make sure your supporters get the roles they expect. It’s normal for Ko-fi bot to appear offline. Ko-fi bot can invite users to your server and assign roles while it is offline.


For further guidance on setting up roles in Discord, take a look at Discord’s own "How do I set up Permissions?" article.


3. Assign roles

You can easily assign Discord roles to your supporters, whether they're one-time or recurring supporters or members of one of your membership tiers.

To assign the role, head to your Discord settings.


Ko-fi bot will automatically remove roles from monthly supporters and members when their support stops. For one-time supporters, you’ll need to remove the role yourself in the Discord server.


Assigning specific roles for tier members

In your Membership settings, you can attach Discord roles to any existing tier.

Additionally, when you create a new tier, you'll be prompted to add a Discord role.



How supporters claim Discord roles

After making a payment, supporters without a Ko-fi account will be prompted to create one and then link their Discord account. Once this is done, Ko-fi bot will automatically apply the roles they're entitled to.

If supporters already have a Ko-fi account, they simply need to connect their Discord account, and Ko-fi will handle the rest.

For those without a Discord account, they'll need to sign up for one on Discord's platform.

If your supporters have trouble, lead them to our guide here.


Supporter didn’t get their role

If your supporter is missing their role on Discord, here are a few troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Check Discord connection: Ensure that your Discord server is connected in your Discord settings.


    You can re-authorize Discord by clicking "Connected" to disconnect, then reconnect and logging into Discord again if needed. Your roles are re-synced if you edit your roles, you get paid or reconnect your Discord.

  2. Check role setup: Confirm the roles you're offering are set up correctly. Review your Discord tab and your Membership Tiers.
  3. Priority for Ko-fi bot: It's essential to place Ko-fi bot at the top of your permissions list in Discord to ensure smooth role assignment and removal.
  4. Supporter assistance: Encourage your supporter to refer to our help article on How to Join a Creator's Discord Server for guidance. You can quickly check that a Supporter has connected their Discord in My Supporters/Members tab.

If you've completed the checklist and you’re still having problems, please don't hesitate to raise a support ticket for further assistance. We're here to help!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my existing monthly subscribers/members get access to their Discord roles?

Yes, the Discord roles will automatically be assigned to existing subscribers or members within 10 minutes. The supporter must have their Discord connected to Ko-fi in their Discord settings.

Please note that one-off supporters who contributed before you set up Discord won't automatically receive Discord roles. They'll need to support you again to access them.

Is it possible to add Discord roles to Memberships tiers?
Yes, you can set up different roles for each one of your Membership Tiers.
Do role privileges expire for one-off supporters?
No, these roles do not expire. If necessary, you will have to remove their privileges manually within Discord.
Do role privileges expire for monthly subscribers and tier members?
Yes, when a subscriber or member cancels their subscription, their Discord role will be removed at the same time their subscription does.
Why is Ko-fi bot appearing offline in Discord?

It is normal for Ko-fi bot to appear offline. The bot can invite users to your server and assign roles while it is offline.

When you authorize the bot to join your server, it gains all the necessary permissions to perform its functions. Just ensure that you don’t alter any of its settings or permissions.

Does my supporter need a Ko-fi account to claim a Discord role?
Yes, your supporter will need to have a Ko-fi account to claim a Discord role. Learn more about the process in our article here.  
What happens when my member's payment is overdue? 

When a member's payment is overdue, it means the recurring charge has failed, and they will promptly lose their Discord role while remaining in your server. Once the payment succeeds, Ko-fi bot will reassign their role automatically.

For further guidance, supporters can refer to our Supporter FAQ when a subscription goes overdue.

Will my other Discord bots affect Ko-fi bot?

Other bots might interfere with the Ko-fi bot if these other bots manage user permissions.

Make sure that Ko-fi bot has "Create Invite" and "Manage Roles" permissions.

How can I find a Supporter's Discord username?

You might need a supporter’s username to confirm payments or help confirm roles.

To find this, you can click on the supporter in My Supporters/Members tab and view their connected Discord.



  1. On a desktop device, download your CSV via your Payments and Orders tab, Supporter’s tab, or Member’s tab.
  2. Head to the "Discord Username" column on the CSV spreadsheet.