I See a PayPal Error When I Try to Support Someone

Payments on Ko-fi are processed directly by PayPal (or Stripe if the creator is offering a card payment method). Unfortunately, payment errors could occur due to problems with either the Supporter sending the money or the creator receiving the money. If you see a message like this there are a few things you can check.


PayPal Error When Subscribing to a Creator Monthly

If you saw the error when trying to subscribe monthly to a creator, it's usually because the creator has not linked Ko-fi to a PayPal business account. It's a free upgrade, but not every creator does it before offering recurring payments/subscriptions.

As a subscriber, you will need a verified bank account or credit card to your PayPal account to create a subscription even if you have enough cleared funds to pay the subscription amount. Check that's all set up in your PayPal account and give the subscription another try if you updated something.


Things to Check as a Supporter / Payer

According to PayPal if you see an error when trying to send money on PayPal it could be due to:

  • Your PayPal email being unconfirmed.
  • An issue with your funding source (an insufficient balance or declined transaction.
  • A limitation has been placed on your account or a security check is needed.

Log in to your PayPal account on a desktop (not the PayPal mobile app or mobile website) and check if you have any notifications relevant to these limitations.


Things Creators Should Check

The creator should log into PayPal (desktop website is recommended) and check:

  • Their email has been verified.
  • If they're offering monthly recurring support option that the account is a business account.
  • No other restriction messages are showing on the PayPal dashboard
  • They've allowed international currencies on PayPal.