How Do I Cancel a Subscription to a Creator?

Find Your Active Subscriptions on Ko-fi

To see your active subscriptions, Log in to Ko-fi, in the menu select ... More to expand the menu then choose Account & Billing.


Manage subscriptions you made by card directly in Ko-fi, subscriptions made using PayPal will need to be cancelled in your PayPal account directly.


If You Subscribed By Card (not PayPal)

Manage the subscriptions you setup using your card details directly from Account & Billing:


If you would like to cancel a subscription, just choose Cancel Subscription and confirm the cancellation:



If You Subscribed Using PayPal

If the subscription is paid by PayPal, you need to cancel it directly on PayPal. We recommend logging in to PayPal on desktop as the PayPal App and mobile site don't usually show subscriptions.

Note: Ko-fi Subscriptions are called "Pre-approved payments" on PayPal.


Cancelling a Subscription From a PayPal Personal Account

Your Pre-approved payments can be found in PayPal's Payments > Settings. Choose View next to the Manage your pre-approved payments section:


A list of your Subscriptions will now be visible. Select the Subscription you wish to cancel:


Click the Cancel button to start cancelling your subscription:


A final warning message will appear requesting confirmation to cancel. Select Stop Pre-Approved Payments to confirm the cancellation.

You will be sent an email to your PayPal email address confirming the subscription has been cancelled.


Cancelling a Subscription From a PayPal Business Account

If you have a business account you can manage your subscription from your Paypal Pre-approved Payments


Click on the name of the Merchant to load the Subscription details


You can now click Cancel to terminate the subscription to the creator.


What If I Want to Change The Amount of the Subscription?

Currently, this isn't an option, but we're working on it! For now, you will need to cancel and resubscribe at the new price or add another subscription to the same creator!