Supporting a Creator: Public and Private Options

When you support a creator on Ko-fi, you’ll just need to enter a few essential details like your preferred username, email, and an optional message for them. This info goes straight to the creator with your payment.

On Ko-fi, you're in control. You pick the username shown on the creator's page and decide if your message is for everyone to see or just between you and them.

Just a heads up, when you support a creator, your payment goes straight into their own PayPal or Stripe account. Details like your legal name and address might be shared by the payment processors as part of their standard process. Want to know more about what creators see? Check out our help article here.


What happens when you support a creator?

support-creator-username 1.png

support-creator-email 1.png

Whether you're making a donation, ordering a commission, or buying from a shop, we just need a display name or your username (if you're logged in) and your email to finish the payment. You can also add a message if you want.

These details are used to send you a receipt, deliver any rewards included in your purchase, and, if you choose to, create a Ko-fi account. A Ko-fi account allows you to track your transactions, unlock supporter-only content, and reach out to creators if you have any questions.


If you’re buying a physical shop item or joining a membership with physical rewards, we'll also ask for your postal address.


Names and usernames in the feed

names-in-userfeed 1.png

With an account, you get to select a display name and upload a profile picture which is shown on a creator's feed when you support them.

If you decide to support as a guest (without an account), you can choose the name that appears on the creator's feed. If you'd like to keep it discreet, you can leave it blank to appear as “Somebody”.

You can change your username anytime through your Profile Settings.


If you change your username, it can take a few days to update on all Ko-fi pages. If you need your username changed urgently, feel free to raise a support ticket.


Your email

Your email is required to send you a confirmation email and unlock any supporter-only content. Please note that the creator can see this email address, but it won't be displayed on their feed.

If you log out of your Ko-fi account but decide to make a guest payment using the same email, your account's display name will still be visible on the creator's feed.

You can change the email on your account from your Account Settings.


Making a message private on Ko-fi

If you opt for a private message, it will just be for the creator's eyes and won't be visible in their public feed.

support-example-ko-fi 1.png

Here's how a private message (first) and a public message (second) will appear on a creator's feed. Private messages only display your chosen display name (optional for guests), while public messages include both the name and the message.

support-example-mrarmadillo 1.png


How to make a public message private

If you initially left a public message and wish to make it private, you can hide it on the creator’s feed. The creator will still see the message, but it won't be visible to the public.

Here’s how to make a public message private:

  1. Find your message on the creator's feed by visiting their Ko-fi page.
  2. Click on the three dots and select "Make Message Private."

ko-fi-message 1.png

You’ll need to have donated while logged in to see this option. Otherwise, you can contact the creator or Ko-fi Support to make a message private.


If you initially chose the "Private Message" option while supporting the creator, it's not possible to make that message public.


Your address

For physical shop items and memberships with physical rewards, your address will be needed to deliver those rewards. If needed, your address can be updated at any time via the Payments & Orders page. We will only ever share the address with the creator so that they can ship your items.


Making an account

Having a Ko-fi account lets you personalize the display name shown on a creator’s feed when you donate.

You can also track your donations and purchases. Plus, you can access any supporter-only content and chat with creators after making a payment (if they accept messages).

If you've supported a creator but haven't yet verified your account, you can click here to do so. We'll send a code to your email, and you can use this code to complete the verification of your account.


How Ko-fi works with payment processors

Ko-fi is a direct payment platform where creators receive payments directly into their Stripe and PayPal accounts instantly.

Both PayPal and Stripe share information between you and the creator. PayPal shares the legal name and email address on your account. Stripe shares your legal name, email address, limited bank information, and the address tied to the card.

For PayPal, you can upgrade to a PayPal Business account to set the name shown on payments.

For more details on what information is shared with the creator, check out our help article here.


Can I make a completely anonymous payment?

When you support a creator on Ko-fi, they'll see your display name and email. If you buy something that needs to be mailed, they'll also need your address to send it to you.

Since your payment goes directly to the creator through PayPal or Stripe, these platforms do share some info between you both.

So, there isn't a way to support someone on Ko-fi without sharing any details at all.

You can see what information is shared by PayPal and Stripe here.

Learn more about how Ko-fi processes personal data in our privacy policy and terms.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us here. We're here to help! 💌