How do I Switch to a PayPal Business Account

Why Switch to a PayPal Business Account

Upgrading your PayPal personal account to a free PayPal business account lets you set the name displayed on transactions. You'll also need to switch to a business account if you want to accept monthly subscription payments as part of Ko-fi Gold.


How to Switch to a PayPal Business Account

You can quite easily change your PayPal account to a Business account for free.

First log into your PayPal account at

  1. Go to your ProfileIcon Settings.
  2. Click Upgrade to a Business account.
  3. Enter your business information and click Agree and Continue.
  4. If you change your PayPal email, make sure you update it in Settings > Payment on Ko-fi too!


I Don't Want to Use PayPal

Depending on your country, you can use Stripe, it's automatically set up to allow recurring monthly payments too.