Will PayPal Display my Name, Email, Postal Address or other Personal Information?

Only your Ko-fi display name is publicly shown on Ko-fi not your real name or email address. At the payment stage, Ko-fi hands over directly to PayPal (or Stripe) to make a direct payment from the supporter to the creator. Ko-fi doesn't get in the middle of the transaction and we don't take any fee from donations.

Is Ko-fi Anonymous/ Confidential?

Name and Email

By default PayPal does display the legal name you signed up to PayPal with as part of the transaction information. If you'd prefer to choose the name shown on PayPal you can switch your PayPal from a Personal account to a Business account for free.

With a business account you can change your name to a business display name and your email address to a business email. You can also add up to 8 email addresses to your PayPal account and link to an alternative email if you'd prefer to use a different email address to the one you used when you created your PayPal account.


Ko-fi marks transactions as digital items not requiring postage/ physical addresses. We can never fully guarantee what PayPal or Stripe display given transactions happen fully on their service. If you have concerns about the information that PayPal or Stripe display as part of transactions we suggest contacting them directly from your account (to ensure your specific account type, region and settings are considered).