What Personal Information Is Shared on Ko-fi?


How Payments on Ko-fi Work

Ko-fi is a direct payments platform. At the payment stage, supporters see options to pay the creator using the creator's own PayPal or Stripe account. Stripe is used for card or Apple Pay transactions.

On Ko-fi you're paying the creator directly, you're not paying Ko-fi. We think that's the fairest, most transparent way for creators to earn money. They don't have to wait for "payouts" and they get to keep more of it because Ko-fi doesn't take a fee from donations.

Ko-fi passes the minimum information possible to the payment providers to set up transactions. We also mark all transactions (other than some Ko-fi Shop items) as digital items not requiring postage/physical addresses.


Is Ko-fi Anonymous? What Information is Shared?

On Ko-fi we pass the creator the display name and the email address entered by the supporter when they made the donation or subscription. For Ko-fi Shop orders and commissions we pass address and contact information so the creator can fulfill the order. This information is available in the Received & Given section.


Marking a Message As Private - Making it Confidential to the Creator

It's possible to make your donation or subscription private so that only the creator can see it. To do this tick the "Private message" option.


The creator will see the supporter's display name and message in the Received & Given section, but publicly the payment will be anonymous.


Above is an example of what shows on the public feed for a donation marked as a "Private message".


PayPal Business Accounts

We recommend using a free PayPal Business account on Ko-fi. With a business account, you can choose your "business name" and email address which will be shown in transactions instead of any personal information. It's easy and free to upgrade a personal account to a business account, just log in to PayPal and go to Settings > "Upgrade to Business Account" and follow the instructions.


PayPal Personal Accounts

If you are using a personal account, PayPal will display the legal name you registered with and the email address you use to log into PayPal with on transactions between creator and supporter. If you don't want this to be shared we suggest upgrading to a business account.



For more information feel free to get in touch with us directly.