How Do I Set and Edit a Goal?


Pages with a goal earn on average over 2x more!

Your goal shows your audience what you're raising money for and tracks your progress as you receive support. Choose if you want people to see the amount of money you're raising or just the percentage towards achieving it! 

💡 Tip: Make Your Goal Relevant

Try and make your goal relevant to your creative work e.g. "New iPad" rather than something generic like "September Expenses".


How Do I Set a Goal?

To add a goal, find the Set Goal section and choose Add.

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  1. Goal Title: Give your goal a title e.g “New Camera”.
  2. Goal Description: Explain your goal within 500 characters.  
  3. Target Amount: The target amount is the monetary amount to complete the goal in your chosen currency (not the number of Ko-fi's). Make sure it's a whole number e.g. $200, not $200.05.
  4. Starting Amount: If you've already raised some money towards your goal you can set a starting amount. This is shown as a % to supporters.
  5. Show Target Amount Publicly: Ticking this box shows the total target amount of support.

How Do I Edit or Remove a Goal?

Edit Goal - Use this option to edit your current running goal, you can update the wording or amount while keeping your goal progressing.

Set New Goal - This allows you to create a new goal and restart your progress from 0. Or select Remove Goal if you want to remove the goal tile from your page entirely. 



What Happens When I Reach My Goal?

A notification should pop up congratulating you on your reaching your goal. 




Why not share your goal to thank all your supporters. 




Frequently Asked Questions

Will Commission or Ko-fi Shop sales count towards my goal?

Shop sales do not contribute towards reaching your goal, however, Commission sales do.

Can I set multiple goals?
It's not currently possible to have multiple goals running on a single page. You can edit your goal as many times as you like and lots of creators share posts to celebrate achieving goals.
What happens if I don’t reach a goal?
Don't worry if you don't reach your goal, or want to update it before you complete it. goals are just a friendly way to show your supporters what your aims are.
Why is my goal not showing up on my profile after setting it?
Double-check you're using a whole number for your goal amount e.g. $100, not $100.05 and that your goal description is less than 500 characters long. Feel free to get in touch if you're still having problems after checking.