My Ko-fi Gold subscription payment failed

If you have received an email telling you your Ko-fi Gold subscription payment failed we typically retry the failed payment a few times, before cancelling the Gold status.

If you're having trouble with your subscription payment feel free to get in touch and we'd be happy to help you with your specific situation.


Common Reasons for Subscription Failures

Insufficient Funds

If there aren't enough cleared funds in either your PayPal account or the primary bank account attached to your PayPal then you will need to top up your account or choose a different way to pay your Gold subscription.

You can find your subscription to Ko-fi Gold in personal PayPal accounts under Payments > Settings and for business accounts it's under Pre-approved Payments where you can Set Available Funding Sources.


Expired Cards

Another common reason for subscriptions failing is your card expiring. If you paid for Gold with your credit or debit card, you can update your card details from the Ko-fi menu. More > Account & Billing. Choose Update Card


Then add your new card information in this screen to update your subscription to your new card.



Still having trouble with your subscription? Please get in touch and we will help you as soon as possible (almost always within 24 hours Monday - Friday).