Direct Messages on Ko-fi

Creators and Supporters can now send messages to each other directly on Ko-fi. 

Use messages as a perk of supporting you, ask your biggest contributors for their input on your next project, or send updates to your commission or shop buyers!  


Controlling Who Can Message Me/Who Can I Message?

Supporters have the option to message a Creator after donating, ordering a Commission or making a purchase from a Ko-fi Shop. 

Creators can choose who can send messages from the message settings menu Screenshot_2021-01-07_at_14.18.37.png


Choosing Anyone who supports me allows supporters who donate, commission, subscribe or buy from you to send you messages.

Choosing Only supporters who I message first will only allow supporters who the creator messages first to reply and send messages.

By default, messages are set to Anyone who supports me so if you don’t want to receive messages you can change it anytime from your Message settings.


How Do Messages Work?

Access your direct messages by clicking the “Messages” option in your Ko-fi menu or by clicking the envelope icon Screenshot_2021-01-07_at_14.20.59.png in the top navigation.




This is the Messaging interface:



  1. Messaging settings, click here to choose who can message you.
  2. All your conversations will appear in this panel, click the name of whoever’s messages you want to open.
  3. Type your message here and click the paper plane icon to send your message.
  4. You can send an image by clicking the paperclip, images are sent instantly independent of the message text.
  5. Click the Download button to save an image that was sent to you.
  6. Find more chat options here.


What If I Want to Block Someone or Mute a Conversation?

The three dots (...) In the top right corner of a conversation provide options to Mute the conversation, Block the message sender or delete the Conversation entirely. 


  • Mute the user to not receive further notifications about any new messages.
  • Block the user so they can’t send you any further messages, they will not be alerted.
  • Delete the conversation


How Do I Send a DM to a Creator?

To be able to DM a creator, you need to support them by sending a donation, ordering a commission or making a purchase in their shop after which you will be given the option to send the Creator a message.

You can send a message directly from the creator's page


You can also send a message from the support confirmation screen.




Messages are really new so if you need help with something or just want to give some feedback please get in touch.



Is this only for new supporters?

No, everyone who supported you in the past can message you. Followers or buyers of free items can't message you though.

Do I have to be Gold?
No, you don’t have to be Gold, we’re considering some perks for Gold creators in the future.
Can I turn off DM’s entirely?
You can change your message settings so that only people who you message first can message you back.
Do supporters have to have an account to message me?
Yes, but when someone supports you we send them an email allowing them to quickly create a supporter account and they can then send a message.
How will I know when someone messages me?
There is an envelope icon in the Ko‑fi header for message notifications, we’ll email you the message too.