Using Ko-fi with Tumblr


If you have a following on Tumblr you can use Ko-fi to help make an income from your followers. Here are some ideas to get you started!


The Basics 

Let your followers know you’re on Ko-fi by updating your Tumblr to link to your Ko-fi!


Add Your Page to Your Tumblr Description

Make sure your Ko-fi page is discoverable from your Tumblr as a direct link in your description or add your Ko-fi page to your directory site.


Add Ko-fi to Your Social Links

Add your Ko-fi page to your social buttons on Tumblr or create your own with custom HTML.





Update Your Display Name

Add a Ko-fi call-to-action to your display name like "Support Me on Ko-fi", "I'm on Ko-fi" or your commissions status like "Ko-fi Commissions Open" to prominently direct people to your page.


Red berry


Add a Ko-fi Button to Your Tumblr Theme

There are 2 ways to add a Ko-fi button to your Tumblr page. 


1. Add a Static Image of a Ko-fi Button to Tumblr (simple)


Download a Ko-fi button from brand assets and upload it to your Posts or Pages. Once you've uploaded your button image, select it and then click the link icon and enter your Ko-fi page URL including the https:// part.


Here's a nice example of a static image button prominently placed in the profile area of Maryluis' theme.



2. Add an Animated Ko-fi Button to Tumblr (advanced)


Add a Ko-fi button with your own custom color, text, and animated cup for maximum impact.

Log in to Ko-fi and navigate to Buttons > Ko-fi Button Widget and customize the Label and Color. Then click the red Copy button.


Head back to Tumblr and in your theme editor click Edit HTML and paste in your script wherever you would like it to appear in your theme (HTML knowledge required). In this example, we've added the button at the very bottom of the theme under any content, but you can add it anywhere to maximize the impact for your theme.




Tip: In some themes you can align your Ko-fi button by wrapping your Ko-fi button script in a <div>. Simply copy and paste the below, replacing the "paste your Ko-fi button script here" with your script and then adjust the alignment to right, left or center.

<div align="center">
paste your Ko-fi button script here


Promoting your Ko-fi page on Tumblr

Keep your Tumblr followers interested in your Ko-fi page with some of these ideas! 👇

  • Tag your images and posts with #Kofi
  • Link to your Ko-fi page in your image description
  • Share doodles in return for donations
  • Shout out to top supporters and share thank you messages
  • Post reward reminders
  • Share a sneak peek of monthly supporter content

mceclip12.png    mceclip13.png

Cort     Altaire


More Ways to Use Ko-fi to Make an Income on Tumblr

Share Your Commission Menu & Status

With Ko-fi Commissions you can display your commission status, create a menu of commission options and show available commission slots. Don’t forget to keep your Tumblr followers up to date!

  • Sell commissions and services to your followers
  • Let them know when you have 1 or 2 slots left

Screenshot-2020-11-16-at-14.47.jpg       Screenshot-2020-11-16-at-14.54.jpg

Sorotrax    Rose


Share Your Ko-fi Shop Products

Post your digital and physical Ko-fi Shop products on Tumblr and promote:

  • High res artwork or downloads
  • Exclusive merch
  • Short term discounts

Screenshot-2020-11-16-at-15.25.jpg      Screenshot-2020-11-16-at-15.26.jpg



Thanks so much for funding your Tumblr content with Ko-fi!