How to Add a Ko-fi Button to GitHub

Add a Ko-fi button to your GitHub ReadMe files and profile to start receiving money from people who appreicate your work. Receive donations, request development commissions and sell access to exclusive content directly from GitHub.


Create your Ko-fi Page

Head on over to and setup your creator page.


Create your Ko-fi button for GitHub

Login to Ko-fi and go to Widgets

  1. Choose the button type 'Image'
  2. Pick a button Color
  3. Copy the Code


Add a Ko-fi Button to GitHub

Over on GitHub paste your button code into any file

Commit your changes and there's your button!


Add your Ko-fi page to your Github profile

You could also link your GitHub profile to your Ko-fi page to make it even easier for people to support your contributions.


Reward supporters

With Ko-fi you can offer your audience rewards for supporting you on Ko-fi like access to exclusive files or images. Find out how to use Ko-fi to reward supporters.