How to Use Ko-fi with Github


Receive donations, subscriptions and even offer 1:1 services (code reviews, customizations, support etc) directly from your GitHub repository. If you don't have a Ko-fi page yet, go ahead and set up a free account in 60 seconds over at!


The Basics

1. Make Ko-fi Your "Sponsor" Funding Link in Your Repository

GitHub lets you add your Ko-fi page as a funding link so visitors to your repository can support your work!



To make your Ko-fi page your sponsor button, edit your FUNDING.yml file to include ko_fi: USERNAME e.g.

ko_fi: supportkofi

Learn more about adding a sponsor button to your GitHub Repository.


2. Add Your Ko-fi Page to Your GitHub Profile

Make sure you direct your audience to your Ko-fi page as your call to action in your GitHub profile.




3. Add a Ko-fi Button to Your ReadMe File

Add a Ko-fi button to your ReadMe file to highlight your Ko-fi page.



Login to Ko-fi and go to Widgets and copy the automatically generated code.


Paste in the code to your file. Or simply copy the code below and replace supportkofi with your page name.

<a href='' target='_blank'><img height='35' style='border:0px;height:46px;' src='' border='0' alt='Buy Me a Coffee at' />


More Ways to Use Ko-fi to Make an Income

Use Ko-fi posts to share exclusive updates about your projects, offer rewards to Members, let supporters vote on features or use Ko-fi Commissions to offer services like custom support, implementation or code reviews!