How do I refund a payment?

If you offer membership tiers, commission or shop items, you might need to refund a Supporter's payment. Payments made in Ko-fi go from your Supporter's account directly to your connected payment method.

To refund a payment:

  1. Head to My Supporter's tab and find your Supporter by their email or username.

  1. Click on your Supporter > Find the transaction you want to refund > Click on the “three dots” > Refund their payment

After you refunded the payment, your Supporter will be sent a refund receipt by email. The funds will be available in their account in around 5 working days. 

My Refund Failed?


If you tried to refund your Supporter and you see an error message like this, login to Stripe or PayPal to check if you have enough funds to cover the refund.

Does the Supporter Lose Access to My Content?

For one-time donations, Supporters lose access to your content immediately after you refund them.

For recurring monthly or membership tier payments, Members will continue to have access to your content until the end of their subscription period. 

For digital shop item links, Supporters will continue to have access to the digital shop item. 

If you have any questions regarding refunds, please raise a support ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I give a partial refund?
Refunds on Ko-fi return the whole payment. You can give partial refunds via your Stripe and PayPal accounts.
How long do I have to submit a refund?
Stripe and PayPal advise that refunds must be made within 180 days (around 6 months).
I’ve been charged for refunding
Read more on Stripe’s Refunding Rules and PayPal’s Refunding Statement under "Commercial Transaction Refunds".
How long does a refund take to process?
Stripe advises 5-10 working days whereas PayPal advises 5 working days.
My Supporter has not received their refund?
If you refunded on the same day the transaction was made, the purchase might have been cancelled rather than refunded. Advise supporters to verify their cancelled payment with their payment provider.