Can I Change My Account Email Address?

This article explains how to update your account email address.


Changing Your Account Email When You Signed Up Using an Email Address

If you signed up by email you can change your account email address in your Account Settings (from the menu ... More > Account & Billing) then click "Change your email address".




Choose Change Email Address, enter your new email address and click Send confirmation mail, we'll send a confirmation email to your current Ko-fi login email address.

Go check your email and confirm the email address update, after that the change is complete!

Make sure to log out and back in again to try out your new login email address.


Changing Your Account Email When You Signed up Using Twitter, Google or Facebook

Want to still log in using your social account, but receive emails to a different email address?

If you signed up with Facebook, Twitter or Google, you can add your email address in your Account Settings the same way as described in the previous section. You will continue to log in using your Social Media account and all emails and notifications will be sent to the newly added email address.

Switching from Social Media login to Email Login.

If you would like to log in using your email address, rather than your Social Media account, you will need to set up a password and login email address for your Ko-fi account. You can set a password and email address from your Account Settings.


I No Longer Have Access to the Email I Used to Create My Ko-fi Account?

For security reasons you will need to confirm a change of account email address by clicking a link on an email we send you to your current email address.

If you no longer have access to the email account you use to sign into Ko-fi you will still be able to log in, but you will not be able to change your email address. 

If you have no way of recovering access to your current email account then consider creating a new Ko-fi account.


I Received an Email Saying My Account Email Has Changed and I Didn't Change it

If you are still logged in, reset your password as soon as possible and try to change your email address back, you can do both in Account Settings. If you are unable to access your account, reach out to us as soon as you can so we can help you recover your account.


Tip 💡 Updating Your PayPal Info

You can change your PayPal email address or connected account at any time in Settings > Payment.

Remember: Ko-fi doesn't manage payments directly. Updating your PayPal email here will only affect new payments, it won't allow you to claim historical payments made to you at a different PayPal address.