Resetting your password

If you've forgotten your password, don’t worry! Follow these simple steps to reset it:


  1. Click here or tap the "Forgot password" option on the login page.
  2. Provide your Ko-fi handle/username or the email linked with your Ko-fi page to receive the reset link.
  3. Look for an email from with the subject “Your Password Reset Link.”


  4. Use the link provided in the email to change your password and regain access to your page.


For added security, explore our help article on keeping your Ko-fi account secure.


Didn’t receive my reset link

If you haven't received your reset link, here are some steps to check:

  1. Check your reset link isn't in your spam/junk folder.
  2. Confirm that the email you're sending the reset link to is the one linked to your Ko-fi page. It's typically the one you've received Ko-fi emails from.
  3. If you still haven't received your link, please submit a support ticket for assistance.


Seeing an error page with reset link

If you use your reset link and you see the error message "Oops. We hit a small glitch. We'll fix it as soon as we possibly can.", try opening your reset link in another browser or device.


Resetting password when using Twitter, Twitch, Google or Facebook to log in

If you use your social account to log in, you can still reset your password. Your Ko-fi page is linked to the email associated with that social account. Simply request a password reset for your Ko-fi page, and the reset link will be sent to your email which is your login for your social account. To change your login method, refer to our help article here.


If you are still having trouble, please raise a support ticket with the email and handle of the Ko-fi page you are trying to access. We're here to support you! 💌