How Do I Delete My Account?

Sorry to hear you'd like to delete your account. If there's anything we can do to help, please get in touch and we'll try and help any way we can.


Removing Your Account

If you'd like to remove, delete or cancel your Ko-fi account, you can do so from Account & Billing then choose Remove Account.

To remove your account you will need to confirm via email. If you need to you can change your Account email at anytime.


I Only Wanted to Support a Creator, I Don't Want an Account.

You don't have to be a Creator to have an account on Ko-fi.

If the creator you've supported has any locked content just for supporters you'll need an account to unlock those posts. Your Supporter account lets you see a Newsfeed of all Creators you've ever followed in your personal Newsfeed. We also make it easier to keep track of all your donations and purchases in your Payments & Orders menu.


I'm Receiving Too Many Emails

Don’t want us to send you updates through email? You can edit your Notification Settings at any time.


Something Else You Want to Tell us About?

Feel free to get in touch if we can help you in some other way or if you have feedback about how we can improve Ko-fi we'd love it if you took a moment to fill out this short survey to help us improve.


I'm Just Not Getting Enough Support

We totally hear you, growing an audience is hard, and making an income from what you create is even harder. We've put together a series of guides to promoting your page, but we know it can take time. If you would like a bit more advice please get in touch and we'll do our best to share any specific advice we can.