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Getting Started

  • Ko-fi: A Guide for Creators

    Getting Started 👋 Welcome to Ko-fi, follow these steps to make the most of your page. The most important t...

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  • Pinning Ko-fi to Your Phone Home Screen (Like an App)

    Pinning Ko-fi to Your Home Screen You can make Ko-fi an icon on your phone so it's quick and easy to access...

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  • How Memberships Works if You Also Have Monthly Supporters

    If you have monthly supporters and are considering offering Membership tiers this FAQ is for you.   Definit...

  • Setting up Discord Rewards

    Discord is one of the most popular voice and text apps for communities. If you run a Discord Server you can...

  • How Do I Set and Edit a Goal?

    Pages with a goal earn on average over 2x more! Your goal shows your audience what you're raising money f...

  • Does Ko-fi Take a Fee?

    Ko-fi Takes 0% Of Your Donations You deserve to keep more of your money! You’re doing the creative work, t...

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Promoting Your Ko-fi Page

  • How to Use Ko-fi With Medium

    If you’re a writer, journalist or blogger using Medium as your publishing platform, here are a few ways to...

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  • How to Use Ko-fi With Twitter

    If you've got an audience on Twitter then there are so many creative ways to use Ko-fi to start making an ...

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  • How to Use Ko-fi With Instagram

    If you use Instagram there are so many ways you can use Ko-fi to help make an income from your work. Here ...

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  • How to Use Ko-fi With Twitch

    Create a Ko-fi info panel, receive stream alerts when you get donations and use Ko-fi to offer rewards to ...

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  • How to Use Ko-fi With YouTube

    Calling all video creators! If you're looking to increase your income from your channel, even if you don't...

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  • How to Use Ko-fi With Facebook

    If you have a following on Facebook you can use Ko-fi to help make an income from your followers. Here's s...

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  • Connect Ko-fi to Thousands of Apps with Zapier

    Zapier lets you connect Ko-fi to thousands of other online services such as Mailchimp, Google sheets, and T...

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  • Ko-fi Donation Widget

    Use the new Ko-fi Donation Widget to give your audience a super-easy way to support you without leaving you...

  • New: Direct Messages on Ko-fi

    Creators and Supporters can now send messages to each other directly on Ko-fi.  Use messages as a perk of s...

  • Uploading GIFs on Ko-fi

    Posting a GIF allows you to play a looped image which animates on your page, use GIFs in Posts, Gallery, Co...

  • Does Ko-fi Have an API or Webhook?

    I Want to Use The Ko-fi API For My Page Ko-fi's API currently allows you to send transaction data to third ...

  • How Do I Edit My Email Notification Settings?

    We sometimes send you emails to keep you updated on the Creators you follow, the activity on your account a...

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Supporter Help

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